Jumat, 14 April 2017

Bang Vian, a great vollyball player

His complete name is Oktavian Rachmadi. People usually call him Bang Vian or Bang Alau. I have been knowing him since 2016, as a man who have capability in sports one of which is volleyball. Personally, I really want to have this skill, but i think i was too lazy to have this skill.

Yesterday I met him for an interview and ask a few questions, and here are some questions and answers. Check it out!

Delia (D) : since when you started playing volley ball?

Bang Vian (BV) :since elementary school, approximately 11 years ago.

(D) : and how old are you now?

(BV) : 21 years old.

(D) : wow, its so long time, what benefits you get when you play volleyball?

(BV) : can recognize the external world, where every champion at the district level will represent the province at the national level event.

(D) : how many games have you attended?

(BV) : during pursue this field, some tournaments have followed, starting from the district and national levels, approximately there are 10 games that I follow.

(D) : goodly, by the way achievement what you've achieved?

(BV) : some achievements have been achieved, such as winning a volleyball tournament between SMK municipal / district level, a runner-up tournament provincial level and the national level to qualify in the tournament.

(D) : cool. can you give some tips or trick for who want to be like you?

(BV) : umm, i don't have much tips but for you guys, if you want to be like me, the tips is you must have a lot of practice and always praying, because if it does not do that, everything will be in vain.

(D) : wow thats a good tips. thanks for your time Bang Vian. see you.

(BV) : see you.

That some my interview with Bang Vian. Thank you for reading!

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