Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Short Dialog


Adel : hallo, good morning.
Melia : Morning
Adel : I have a idea
Melia : what ?
Adel : How if we make a robot ?
Melia : it's a great idea, but what do we want our robot to do ?
Adel : i think it should be able to make a snow
Melia : snow ? are you sure ? hoe the robot looks like ?
Adel : the roboot looks like human, but it feel are like a tank, it head round, it hands like human but when asked to make snow could turn into a spray of snow.
Melia : Wooow, Are our robot can talk or communicate ?
Adel : yeah sure, it will communicate by voice, but just speaking us necessry
Melia : okay, what the features of our robot ?
Adel : i think it would be cool if it  can help us to do the job, so not only can make snow.
Melia : it's great, by the way what's the robot name ?
Adel : why don't we call  it G.E.M.M.I
Melia : G.E.M.M.I what ?
Adel : G.E.M.M.I is Gorgeous, Ellegant, Mussive,    Machine, and intelligent.
Melia : if this robot in selling, how much is it ?
Adel : i think it should cost 1 milliard rupiah.
Melia : it's great
Adel : okay just like that. see you.
Melia : See you .

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