Minggu, 18 Juni 2017

Visitation reports expo ducation in the auditorium UNTAN DIESNATALIS at the University of Tanjungpura to 58 years

1. In Stan Faculty Forestry        
    Here displaying assorted a traditional tool and the result of the process of preserving who assisted with alcohol (Spiesmen).

2. In Stan American Corner
    Stan the american corner provides a game to train compactness that compose a word using english, the winner of this game gets the prize pin that says american corner.

3. In Stan Faculty Math and Science Nature
    Goods that are on display in a booth of these there were wetsuit of marine science,there are robots of a computers system,and there are the demonstration of process of titrating of chemistry.
4. In Stan UPT Language
    Here is available miniature Eiffel tower,there are also reading books and there games prizes.

5. In Stan PTE and BCLC
    Here there is information about class training . we have to answer some of the questions that the use of english language by using a computer.

6. In Stan MAPALA 
    Here are photo albums,a climbing,equipment camp also thre are various memory of expeditian they ane of them.

7. In Stan Tavaren French
    At the booth of french games available that train the cohesiveness that the game of football and there is  also a miniature of the eiffel tower which very unique.

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