Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skills

Okay now we are talking about the skill. What do you think when someone asks about your skills? Cook? Sing? Or other things? Whatever it is definitely one of us have it. Including me. According to me, my skill is to make a story. Somehow I liked it with it, every time I started to make a story, my heart, my mind, everything became quiet, be peaceful, be peaceful. With a writing we can express all that is our mind, all that is in our hearts, and if we are writing good, everyone could see it and love it even can be traded. I started to like to write a story of grade 2 junior, yes the story is still a mess, still irregular, but long kelaman I learned how to create a story that is good and true, until I write it in an application that is Wattpad. For those of you who like to read stories on Wattpad account could follow me, hehe all promotions. Username @adeliatanzikha. There're 3 I work unfinished, God willing, in the near future there is finished anyway, and I'll send it to a publisher. Oh ya, there was an ability which is actually another, but I think it was more to the hobby anyway, are playing basketball. I like to play basketball, even though mama forbid I still desperate for playing basketball, do not imitate their parents ^^ yeah fight. Maybe just it wrote a short story about a couple of my ability. May you amused by this story. Bye.

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